Court cases on employment law

This is only the third conviction under the Bill C provisions to the Criminal Code, and is one of the rare circumstances where a director has also been convicted under the OHSA. In the employment tribunal decision of 28 October Aslam and others v Uber BV and othersthe tribunal held that the Uber drivers are workers.

This case serves as a strong reminder to employers of the need to be flexible when it comes to recruitment selection methods and disabled applicants. Tealthe Supreme Court holds that an employer is liable for racial discrimination when any part of its selection process, such as an unvalidated examination or test, has a disparate impact even if the final result of the hiring process is racially balanced.

The EAT affirmed that an employee who makes up, or exaggerates the effects of, an injury or illness to take fraudulent sick leave is fundamentally breaching the implied term of trust and confidence and can be dismissed for misconduct.

Dealing with Pregnancy Discrimination at Work.

Top 10 employment law cases of 2012

In addition, the EEOC is ultimately given authority over the decision of whether or not to enter into a settlement or proceed with a lawsuit. The Firm responded, arguing that the human rights protection of the Code did not extend to the partners of the Firm, as they were not employees.

Instead, the Supreme Court rules that the ADEA does not prohibit discrimination in employment benefit plans, as long as the benefit plan is not a means to discriminate in some "non-fringe" benefit aspect of employment.

Devaney brought a human rights complaint, alleging that ZRV had discriminated against him on the basis of family status. The Court held at that courts may review whether the EEOC satisfied the statutory obligation of conciliation before filing a lawsuit.

The Supreme Court decides Bragdon v. The Court rules that state and local governments -- one of the fastest growing employment sectors -- cannot discriminate against employees and job applicants on the basis of their age.

In Hazelwood School District v. Wrongful Termination Although many states are "at-will employment" states, meaning that an employee can be fired without cause at any time or can end his working relationship without cause at any time, there are still ways that employers can commit wrongful termination.

While the new role had the same salary and level, Chandran no longer had a direct reporting relationship with subordinates. Family Medical Leave Act FMLA The Family Medical Leave Act requires covered employers to allow eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for a number of reasons, including the birth and care of the employee's newborn child, care for a child after adoption or foster care placement, care for a spouse with a serious health condition and care for a child or parent with a serious health condition.

Labor law can be complicated and the laws vary depending on where and when you file your claim; It is important that you find an experienced attorney to assess your case and determine whether it is applicable to go forward with your claim. In Occidental Life Insurance Co.

The school principal reported this to the police, and charges were laid.

Top 10 employment law cases of 2013

The process of filing for social security benefits can be complex and intimidating. However, the case provides a valuable recap for employers that suspect an employee is faking illness.

The 10 most important employment law cases in 2016

Hardison decides its first Title VII religious discrimination case. The decision by the Supreme Court that the employment tribunal fees system is unlawful may be one of the most monumental employment law decisions this year, but there have been a number of other significant cases.

Laura Merrylees looks at six of the top employment law decisions inand a few. The most important employment law cases of have changed the way employment law is practiced.

Get in touch with an expert employment law attorney at Wenzel Fenton Cabassa, P. A., for more information regarding your case. SOURCES: Employment and Labor Cases to Watch Recent U.

Six important employment law cases in 2017

S. Supreme Court Employment Law Cases. Below is a list of U.S. Supreme Court cases involving employees' rights and employment discrimination, including links to the full text of the U.S.

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Recent U.S. Supreme Court Employment Law Cases

The lawyers at RT have identified what we believe to be the "Top 10" employment law cases that you need to know about from The votes are in! The lawyers at RT have identified what we believe to be the “Top 10” employment law cases that you need to know about from

Court cases on employment law
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