Impact of manpower training and development of workers productivity in a manufacturing company

Employees are the people who work for the organization. Indeed, training is an investment rather than a cost to any organization. Training and development needs program designed to meet the needs and implementation and evaluation of the program. It embarks on marketing output which the market comfortably7 absorbs the firm requisition for the quantity of raw material, labour, capital expenditure etc.

The amount, and quality of training carried out varies from organization to organization due to factors such as the degree of external change and also the extent to which the organization supports the idea of internal career development.

Meanwhile, the company was commission on the 8th of May,and was presided over by His Excellency and late Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sarduna of Sokoto. Training and development has been for obvious reasons depending on the motive and reason. Sanusi further sees capacity building as the internalization of the knowledge, skills and processes that enable the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of set goals in an efficient manner; while views it as a series of activities, which an organization, enterprise or even a nation needs to undertake to provide for itself, on a continuous basis, the supply of skilled manpower to meet its present and future needs.

The historical background of lemon become the word called famous brand it is today. The population of the study wasfrom which the sample size of was determined using Taro-Yamani formula.

But a 10 percent increase in the value of equipment increased productivity just 3. Besides, no organization can spend money for the fun of it.

Training and Development Leads to Higher Productivity and Retention

Then importance given to training and staff development in any organization cannot be over emphasized. For the organization to be able to meet the challenges of change as well as productivity, there is the need to introduce other forms of training and development that can equally equip staff to perform better.

Is a systematic process of changing the behaviour and attitudes of employees in a direction that will increase the achievement of organizations goals. Most especially on this question, How training and development does promotes the workers productivity.

The important of manpower has forced countries to invest in manpower and training for example, countries in the developing world emphasize training of quality manpower because they believe that availability of skilled manpower would increase the productivity of workers. The question that may naturally emanate from these is, could there be other factors apart from money that may account for the ineffectiveness and unproductively of an employee.

Employees are the people who work for the organization. It involves identifying and selecting appropriate goals. To find out the impact of training and development on workers productivity and performance.

The Effect of Manpower Development on Workers Productivity

The work will also take a national view of the training and development needs of Nigerian workers in terms of their skills attitude self comportment, efficiency, high quality production, reduction in labour turnover, industrial accidents wastages. Leading edge companies also spent twice as much per employee.

Manpower development is very vital to job productivity and organization performance since the formal educational system does not adequately provide specific job skills for a position in a particular organization. International Tobacco Company, using the present and past record postulates what the future would look like and what to produce in future.

Hey can as well called human resources. Kwara Tobacco Company introduced a market during the following years and a staff of about two hundred and twenty one people. Such investments are made on staff training to acquire knowledge and skill which he would plough back into the organization through the improved performance.

The objective of this study can identify or establish and the impact of the training on workers’ productivity and the problem in the International Tobacco Company. Then, making the identification or to take the assessment of the impact of staff training on the workers productivity organization.

Impact of In-Service Training and Staff Development on Workers’ Job Performance and Optimal Productivity in Public Hence, there is need for manpower training and development in order to enhance the organizational predetermined goal.

RQ 3 Do in-service training and staff development have relative impact on workers’ optimal job. This study is aimed at finding out the Impact of Training and Development on workers' productivity via the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) Academic Staff Training & Development THE IMPACT OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT ON WORKERS PRODUCTIVITY IN LEMON NIG PLC OWERRI - Business Administration Project Topics and Materials To highlight the need for manpower training and development in the industry.


THE IMPACT OF WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT OF THE PRODUCTIVITY OF A MANUFACTURING COMPANY. Impact of Manpower Training and Development of Workers' Productivity in a Manufacturing Company PROJECT PROPOSAL TOPIC: IMPACT OF TRAINING AND MANPOWER DEVELOPMENT IN A MANUFACTURING COMPANY (STUDY OF CADBURY NIGERIA PLC) 1 INTRODUCTION The management of organization in a globalised economy is posing a serious challenge to the leadership.

topic: impact of training and manpower development in a manufacturing company (study of cadbury nigeria plc) 1 introduction The management of organization in a globalised economy is posing a serious challenge to the leadership skills, capability and competency of managers at the top echelon of the firms.

Impact of manpower training and development of workers productivity in a manufacturing company
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The Effect of Manpower Development on Workers Productivity - Project Topics