Water testing lab

You can find the federal Maximum Contaminant Levels at http: All test kits include instructions and sample containers. The presence of coliform bacteria in well water can be a harbinger of worsening water quality.

For help in interpreting your water test results—and what might be a health risk or an aesthetic issue—ask the lab that conducted the test or your county health department.

In the test kit are instructions on how to collect the sample and how to ship it back to Clean Water Testing for analysis. Indicators of a dirty well include cloudy water, low water flow, or taste or odor problems.

Certified Laboratories

You will receive the test kit, which consists of sterile bottles, a mailer, and instructions for filling the sample bottle and mailing it back. Many state and federal authorities recommend private wells be tested at least once a year to ensure the continued safety of the water.

For more information, see frequently asked questions about water quality and contamination in private wells. Well cleaning may require removing debris from the well bottom or cleaning other components of the well. A qualified water well system contractor can take a water sample to determine if the amount of anaerobic activity in your well is significant.

Sodium is important for those on low sodium diets, fluoride is important in the prevention of dental caries Total Nitrate-Nitrite: If these problems persist, or positive bacteria results are reported from well testing, then NGWA recommends that a qualified water well system contractor should inspect the well.

All tests are carried out using ISO and other internationally acceptable procedures Read More Home and Personal Care Product Testing We offer complete testing of cosmetics, soaps, detergents, disinfectants, cleaning agents and various other home and personal care products.

Take action immediately if you suspect there is a problem with your water or if you notice a water quality change. To find Indiana laboratories that test for other contaminants, the most up-to-date source of information is maintained by the Indiana State Department of Health.

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In some cases, the testing lab will give a very helpful explanation. Prices are listed at the bottom of this web page. Private Water Testing There are many factors to consider when testing the water of your home or residence.

The test, again, pays for itself many times over. You order the test from us and we ship you the kit at our expense via UPS ground. Your test results and the next steps you take differ by contaminant.

These kits are available through the local public health agencies or State District Health Offices. Clean Water Testing makes testing your water simple, fast and affordable.

Arsenic and radon are two examples of water-quality concerns in certain areas. The contractor may brush and clean the well casing to remove any accumulation of solid material and flush the gravel pack and aquifer surrounding the well casing.

Assuring Safe Drinking Water Presentation Understanding test results for bacteria, nitrates and arsenic Stop drinking your water if the lab report indicates that bacteria is present in your water sample. A water treatment device that is not regularly maintained can harbor harmful bacteria.

A dirty well can create an environment for contaminants such as certain types of bacteria. If you want to test for other substances in the water, the county health department should be able to provide a list of area state-certified drinking water testing labs.

Labs certified to test for other contaminants Proper water sample collection Collecting a water sample for testing isn't as easy as turning on the tap. Ask the lab how soon the samples must be taken to the lab for testing.

Once you have determined the testing you would like performed, simply select the test kit s you would like using the order form on this page and proceed to checkout.

Water testing

A qualified water well system contractor can determine if your water well system needs cleaning by conducting an anaerobic bacteria test, a coliform test, or other tests that can indicate an accumulation of debris in the well.

Bacteria present in water is an indication that disease-causing bacteria may be present in the water. This oxidizing process creates a reddish-brown slime which over time can build up, clogging screens, well pumps, faucets, pipes, tanks etc.

Private water supply specialists Test your private well water annually Make sure you're serving your family safe drinking water.

Water Testing Laboratory

Another factor is the health or in some cases the age of the person. Shop our selection of Water Testing Kits in the Plumbing Department at The Home Depot. THE KIT. Water test kits are designed to make the testing process easy for you the customer.

The kit includes return label and prepaid postage, sample information sheet, clean bottle for sample and packaging material. Suburban Laboratories has been protecting human health and the environment since As a professional independent testing lab that has analyzed more than 1 million drinking water samples, we have the experience to help you determine if your water is safe.

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Interpret Your Water Test Results. Many well owners need help understanding water test results. One way to understand your results is to ask the lab that did the testing.

An alternative approach is to ask your county health department. Shop our selection of Water Testing Kits in the Plumbing Department at The Home Depot. Certified laboratories analyze drinking water samples for the presence of specific contaminants to help public water systems demonstrate that their water meets health based standards.

Ohio EPA's laboratory certification program ensures laboratories are able to perform accurate testing using specific methods which have been approved by U.S. EPA.

Water testing lab
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